Student-Led Gatherings

To understand what God's Word says about all aspects of our world, our lives, & our futures

About Viral Truth Clubs

Viral Truth Campus Clubs are student-led gatherings where questions and issues are discussed from a Biblical perspective.

The goal is to understand what God’s Word has to say about all aspects of our world and issues are discussed from a Biblical perspective.

The Viral Truth Club meetings are characterized by these qualities: 

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The Clubs

How to Charter a Viral Truth Campus Club at Your School

Each Chapter is free to personalize activities and structure according to their own needs, but the basics include:

A student leadership team

of at least three students (all of whom are committed Christians)

A faculty sponsor

(please check with your school’s requirements for the chartering of officially-recognized clubs)

Parent/Guardian support

Keep parents/guardians informed and involved with all plans.

Student pastors & church leaders

Involve church staff for prayer support and Christian counseling.

A meeting schedule

that is set and publicized before the semester begins

A meeting location

that is approved by / sanctioned by the school


Everything presented is based on God’s Word.

Alex McFarland Ministries (a North Carolina based Christian organization licensed to operate in all 50 states) provides “coaching and content” for the student leaders of the Viral Truth chapters.

During the course of a school year, Viral Truth leaders are provided with materials to host 10 – 12 discussion meetings each semester.

School schedules are demanding, but we encourage each chapter to host at least 10 meetings during each of the Fall and Spring semesters.

Will you help us impact the next generation for eternity?

We cannot do this alone.